Alexandra Destler, EdM

Founder and CEO: For over two decades, Alexandra has worked to spark swift change in our public health system. Her aim? To promote global sustainability - not in theory but in practice. Rather than preaching to the converted, she brings together public and private organizations, champions and naysayers, leading healthcare, non-profit and Fortune 500 companies, to drive change. She launched the Public Health Institute’s Center for Climate Change and the American Hospital Association’s environmental stewardship initiative; co-developed The Greenfield Path, a communications project driving Ford Motor Company’s move to a more sustainable business; and directed Playworks’s capital campaign, raising a record $27.3 million in two years. Most recently, distressed by a vinyl bathmat leeching potentially harmful chemicals into the bathwater of her baby, she resolved to focus on prenatal environmental education – our lack of which costs the US $340 billion a year, and many children their health. Alexandra holds degrees from Harvard, Cornell and the Sorbonne.

Kristee Rosendahl

Director, Branding, User Interface and Visual Experience. Kristee pioneered the field of User Experience. Since co-founding The Apple Computer Human Interface Group in 1985, and as a principal designer at the Apple Multimedia Lab in San Francisco, Kristee has been practicing, teaching and speaking about this field for 26 years as one of the first visual designers in technology to help shape the UX practice. As a VP, Director, Creative Director, Art Director, Designer and Project Manager, Kristee has worked across multiple media platforms and across multiple channels to execute a vision. Her experience enables her to work with, speak to and connect diverse development disciplines together with a common language, agile processes, and vision.


Technology Partner: SafeyNEST works with Macadamian to craft SafetyNEST's digital & connected health solutions to modernize prenatal care for healthier, toxic free babies.