Diaper PailWhat You Need To Know

Stinky diapers are bad enough, but using a diaper pail made of harmful chemicals just adds to a toxic mix. Here’s what to consider:

What To Avoid
Plastic:Many diaper pails are generally made of two different types of plastic: high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LDPE). HDPE and LDPE are more rigid and durable and less likely to release any toxic chemicals than Polyvinyl chloride (pvc) plastic, but all of them are derived from fossil fuels and are harmful to the environment and our health.
Conventional cleaning products:Avoid using any cleaning products in the diaper pail to soak the diapers because the products may contain harmful chemicals.
Safer Choices
Stainless steel:Stainless steel pails are better because they don’t degrade and don’t contain chemicals made from nonrenewal resources. Keep the stink (and the plastic) out of your nursery!
Find Safer Products
Websites and Apps:
Clearya is a free browser extension and app that notifies you when there are unsafe ingredients in your makeup, personal care, baby care, cleaning and other products, and helps you find safe products.
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics - Nontoxic Black Beauty Project
They offer a list and database of non-toxic beauty products made and sold by Black-owned companies that are committed to toxic-free beauty and personal care products.
Detox Me
This app allows you to scan barcodes on products to find relevant tips. They also offer a buying guide to decode product labels and find non-toxic alternatives.
Environmental Working Group (EWG)
EWG has a "Skin Deep" database that rates personal care and beauty products based on their safety and toxicity levels. EWG also offers a Healthy Living app that allows you to scan barcodes and find safer products.
Think Dirty
This app and website allow you to scan or search for personal care products to see their ingredient safety ratings.