Safer Products Directory

Here are some practical tools to help you find safer products for you and your family. Remember that these resources can help you make more informed choices, but it’s always a good idea to read labels and follow SafetyNEST tips!

Websites and Apps

Clearya is a free browser extension and app that notifies you when there are unsafe ingredients in your makeup, personal care, baby care, cleaning and other products, and helps you find safe alternatives and make informed choices for you and your family.
This app allows you to scan barcodes on products to find relevant tips. They also offer a Buying Guides to decode product labels and find non-toxic alternatives.
They offer a list and database of non-toxic beauty products made and sold by Black-owned companies that are committed to toxicfree beauty and personal care products
This app and this website allow you to scan or search for personal care products to see their ingredient safety ratings.
EWG provides a database called "Skin Deep" that rates personal care and beauty products based on their safety and toxicity levels. EWG also offers a Healthy Living app that allows you to scan barcodes and find safer products. They also offer guides on household products and food.

A list of unbiased, third-party testing organizations focused on safe products

Scientists at the federal regulatory agency have carefully evaluated the product to ensure its ingredients are non-toxic to humans and the environment. They also have a listing of safe consumer products on their website.
The Department of Agriculture has determined that at least a portion of the product comes from renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials.
Third-party scientists have screened the product to make sure it is free of hazardous substances. Made Safe also has a listing of safe products on their website.
The nonprofit B Lab vouches that the brand meets very high quality standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. SafetyNEST is a benefit corporation.
This label is a seal of approval from the experts and scientists at GreenSeal, a nonprofit organization that’s been monitoring the environmental impact of products for more than 30 years. Green Seal also has a listing of safe products on their website.